Alexander Noice
BM, California Institute of the Arts
Guitar, Ukulele

Background Information/Experience

Alexander Noice is a new breed of musician whose ability to glide in and out of seemingly endless genre bending and blending musical situations makes him a musical force that is gaining much notoriety locally and abroad. Having received a bachelor’s degree in music from California Institute of the Arts in 2008, Alexander is highly active in the diverse Los Angeles music community as a composer and top call guitarist. While at Cal Arts, he studied a wide range of musical genres including, jazz, as well as modern classical music, North Indian classical music, West African drumming, and Javanese Gamelan, all of which he has deftly intertwined into his own highly unique musical language both through his guitar playing and his highly innovative compositions. He studied with guitarist Larry Koonse and Miroslav Tadic along with North Indian classical sarod master Aashish Khan and Los Angeles free jazz legend Vinny Golia. Though he is a highly self-taught composer, he did have a chance to briefly study privately with Wadada Leo Smith and Anne Lebaron, both movers and shakers in contemporary experimental music.

In addition to his regular work in and around the Los Angeles area, Alexander has toured throughout the United States, Japan, Australia, Europe and South America with various jazz and rock/pop groups. He has also written for a wide range of musical contexts ranging from string quartets, innovative jazz ensembles, chamber groups—including his own guitar, flute, and clarinet chamber ensemble Quack Doctor—and much more. Whether it is rock, pop or jazz, Alexander puts his musical stamp on every project he is a part of, and his talents have placed him in increasingly high demand among some of today's top jazz musicians. He has performed with icons such as Charlie Haden, Wadada Leo Smith, Art Ensembles of Chicago’s Famoudou Don Moye, and has been the regular guitarist for Vinny Golia’s Sextet and Quintet for the past five years. For his work with the Daniel Rosenboom Quintet in 2008, The Los Angeles Times touted Alexander as versatile, conjuring "sci-fi electronics" that strongly contributed to the band's unique genre- and culture-blending sound. At the 2010 Angel City Jazz Festival, his performance with Vinny Golia was reported in The Los Angeles Times as "metallic acrobatics," and for a later Golia collaboration, in 2012 Alexander was described as "a delightfully original and modern guitarist" whose virtuosic abilities helped to produce the concert's much-praised, dreamscape-like, and singularly avant garde, sound.

Music Style & Genres

In 2008, he formed his own group, Falsetto Teeth, which has made a distinctive mark on the city's music scene with the band's highly explosive live performances and Alexander’s hallmark musical stylings, which are both genre defining and defying. Falsetto Teeth's mix of pop melody and intricate rhythm schemes cannot help but make them stand out among the myriad other bands performing today. Their first album, "Giraffes on Horseback Salads," was released in 2011, and features an eclectic mix of progressive rock, jazz fusion, power pop and much more. Although the album's main thrust is its highly compelling musical compositions, the songs are also marked by the incorporation of deftly applied lyrics, which are often wry and darkly comical. As one reviewer reports, this album is "not for the faint of heart," in that its complexities might cause one to take pause at first. But once you've settled in, you'll find that the band's eclecticism and sheer talent will both awe and entertain.

Recent/Current Career Events

Fans of Falsetto Teeth will be chomping at the bit to experience the band's next recording endeavor, an album titled "Boiling High Idol," set to be released in March, 2014. In addition to this upcoming release, Alexander has recently formed another group, The Alexander Noice Sextet, which mixes elegantly meticulous written material alongside the kind of uniquely structured improvisation only he can supply. As a top call Los Angeles guitarist and a singular musical talent in his own right, Alexander Noice is definitely someone to keep an eye on for many years to come.


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