Daniela Ginatempo O’Reilly
Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance
Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico

Background Information/Experience

Before she moved to Los Angeles in 2016, Daniela Ginatempo O'Reilly, a native of Italy, lived in Puerto Rico since 2004. Daniela joined the University of Puerto Rico in 2009, where she spent two years studying foreign languages and taking music courses with her piano professor Félix Rivera. Daniela moved to the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico in 2011, and completed a bachelor's degree in Piano Performance, under the tutelage of the same teacher. She accompanied other instrumentalists and participated in ensembles of chamber music, and even collaborated with the Orchestra of the UPRRP and Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music. She is certified to teach the Suzuki method, which she taught as a piano teacher at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and has extensive experience teaching pianists of all ages.

Music Style & Genres

Daniela has played classical music all her life and feels that it is the music style that she understands best. However, Daniela also has a high interest in all types of contemporary music- from pop songs to movie soundtracks to the background music featured in video games and cartoons- Daniela has learned that these types of contemporary music are more in sync with today’s new generation. She understands that it is easier for her students to feel compatible with the music that surrounds their everyday life. Daniela believes that classical music is the basis of any genre, but she also teaches baroque, romantic, and contemporary music.

Teaching Style

When it comes to teaching music, Daniela believes that the most important goal is creating beautiful sound and rhythm. Sound and rhythm create a sense of fluidity in the pieces her students are learning, which helps them focus on the music they are making instead of just the notes they are playing. Daniela instructs her students how to properly read music and to have a methodical approach when studying their music. She knows that it is imperative to be organized and patient in the process of both teaching and learning music. Daniela lets students work on only a few pieces at a time so that they are not overwhelmed, and so that they can learn how to play those pieces to the best of their ability.

Favorite Teaching Moment

A moment that stands out in her teaching career, is when a seven year old student of hers sang a song, and was able to sight read in perfect tune with the notes and rhythm. She had been teaching the student for a long time and was very proud that he absorbed everything he learned and could successfully read a new piece without her assistance. Another thing Daniela loves about teaching is when her students come to class with a score of their choice, asking her to teach them how to play it. She enjoys getting to know more about her students’ musical interests through the music that they choose to listen to.



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