Kathryn Shuman
MFA, California Institute of the Arts
BM, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music
Voice, Piano

Background Information/Experience

Kathryn Shuman is a versatile vocalist, composer and music teacher who performs regularly and writes music for voices, and instrumental ensembles of varying sizes.

She has performed internationally in places including St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, and various cathedrals, churches and festivals in Florence, Berlin, Wales, and Ireland. She has also sung in many music festivals in the US as well, including Monterey Jazz festival in September 2014, with the award-winning small jazz group, Pacific Standard Time.

She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Voice Performance at California Institute of the Arts in May 2016. She received a Bachelor of Music degree at Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University of Long Beach in 2014.

Kathryn has 7 years of music teaching experience. She has taught private and group lessons for voice and music theory at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, CA, and Poly Tech High School in Long Beach, CA. Kathryn taught the Institute voice class at CalArts while she was studying there.


Music Style & Genres

Specializing in classical and jazz styles, Kathryn is experienced in performing and teaching several different genres including baroque, opera, jazz, blues, funk, soul, folk, classical, theater, contemporary and often mixtures of any of those.


Teaching Style

Kathryn likes to teach her singers to use and take care of their voices in the healthiest ways possible. She helps her students create and achieve musical goals with posture alignment, breath technique, tone quality, and performance readiness, as the foundation. Kathryn aims to inspire each of her students to find passion and enjoyment in music, while sharpening technical skills, to be able to encourage constant growth.


Favorite Teaching Moments

Kathryn’s biggest rewards as a teacher are seeing a student overcome an obstacle, such as tackling a tough audition confidently, joining the school’s rock band, or getting the role in the musical they want. She loves the moments when her students see their own progress as well as when she can see their passion and motivation grow.


Recent/Current Career Events

Currently, Kathryn is in the process of recording an album with duo project, "Ben and Kat," featuring Ben Finley on bass. This project features vocals and electric bass both using live electronics and effects processing. This duo will be on a Canadian and US East Coast tour July 2016. In addition to this project, Kathryn is working on a solo album featuring a handful of fellow artists. One of Kathryn's originals, "The Habit is Who I Am" was chosen to be recorded for the CalArts' singer/songwriter project, released May 2015.

She is now an auxiliary member of the Los Angeles Master Chorale and has sung the challenging soprano solo for Carmina Burana twice in May 2017. Kathryn is also an adjunct voice teacher at Pasadena City College.



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